Welcome to my page!  My name is Jackie Renteria. I completed my PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Riverside (March 2014) where I’ve also worked as a graduate researcher in the Electrical Engineering Department’s Nano-Device Laboratory. I’m currently on a one year Postdoctoral scholar appointment at the University.

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to return to school in 2011 with the Dean’s Distinguished Fellowship Award after having worked in industry for 13 years. I’ve held a variety of engineering roles at Quantum Seed LLC, ADTI Media LLC, Magnecomp Corp., and at Read-Rite Corp.  The ability to sustain technological growth in the material and engineering fields are what interested me in these companies. With a keen attitude and years of practical engineering experience dealing directly with customers and products, I strive to always be a part of this type of environment.  

As a product engineer I have taken product designs (ex. read/write devices and interconnects) from the prototype stage through to mass production in overseas manufacturing facilities.  This engineering role has provided technical challenges and exposure to design, assembly processes, test, and quality.  I enjoy working in a production environment and have experience with manufacturing requirements, product specifications, qualification planning (i.e. UL, CSA, FCC, NEC, IEEE, ISO, and client specific), tool design, and lab analysis.  All of these have been instrumental in gaining and sustaining my customers’ confidence as my employer’s technical liaison. Check out my Toolbox for a list of equipment, software, and modeling tools I’ve had my hands on and my Resume for descriptions of my professional experience .

In my electrical engineering role at Magecomp Corp., I was able to model interconnect designs using signal integrity concepts and theories for impedance and bandwidth characteristics.   My demonstrated organizational and driver-type personality as a product engineer has given my management trust in me to lead the Electrical Group at Magnecomp Corp. and to earn the title of Director of Electrical Engineering at ADTI Media LLC.  It is my aim to further develop my career by finding a position compatible to the skills and knowledge I have acquired.  I am results-oriented with a commitment to a complete and thorough job.  This comes only from resourcefulness and a team effort attitude.  My accomplishments include product design optimization, product launches, and yield improvements, all of which contribute to my employer’s bottom line.  Of course, the work done is never complete without concise written and oral communication.  This comes to play in e-mail reports and presentations in strategic meetings.

Being constantly under pressure for a timely delivery of a working product has trained me to prioritize well.  I like to be thought of as a “tell it like it is” engineer that gets things moving and keeps the ball rolling.  Analytical thinking and superior problem solving skills are keys to my successes.  My practicality and professionalism in dealing with customers have awarded me swift resolution to product related issues.

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